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Just Keep Shoveling

We had an absolute blizzard, by Omaha standards, today. Our daughter had to leave for work by 7:30am, so my wife and I bundled up and were out in the driveway carving a path for her to get out. There was probably 4″ on the ground and within an hour of our shoveling escapade it looked as if we’d not done a thing. Hours later, our neighbor was out shoveling (we actually share a driveway). Same thing, within an hour it was like he’d never been there. Eventually that snow stopped, the shoveling was completed, and we could get back to our regularly scheduled lives.

Sometimes, our work as leaders can feel like we are shoveling snow in a continual deluge of the white stuff. Every time you think you’ve solved a problem another one comes up immediately in its wake. But keep digging my friends…eventually the onslaught of issues will cease and you can get on with your regularly scheduled leadership.

Sometimes, we just have one of those days…

Have a #RoadToAwesome week


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