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Out for Repairs

Today’s blog is a little personal and little leadership related. Sometimes we need a break. Earlier this week I was the keynote speaker at a conference in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. It was my second consecutive week speaking at a conference on the road and, after being in the sweltering heat and humidity of Savannah, Georgia, the cool evening temps by the lake were a welcome feeling.

As a speaker, I carry a lot of stuff with me. Stuff that I would say is essential to what I do. I have my computer, my phone, my wallet (of course), and my luggage. I pack with me my speaker’s kit so I am always prepared for any situation. The kit includes my remote clicker, extra batteries, two different VGA adapters (I am a MAC guy), stickers, business cards, phone tripod (I like to video my speaking when possible), and a remote lavaliere microphone that connects to my iPhone when I am video recording. This week I also took a suitcase nearly filled with copies of my book, as I had a book signing table too.

I mention all this stuff because possibly the most important item when I travel to speak is my computer. After completing the keynote, I closed the laptop and moved over to the author table to sell and sign some copies of the book. I needed to run a credit card for one of my happy purchasers and I noticed some funny lines on the side of my computer screen that I’d never seen before. It got worse later in the day so I took it to the Apple Store for some much needed support. All I can say is thank goodness for Apple Care. It turns out the screen has a small crack and now…my computer is out for repairs.


I will make it through and make it work, but seriously it is like I am missing a part of me. Perhaps that is a bad thing and I need a little time away from my dear friend the computer. Only time will tell.

Thinking about it as I drove home from the Apple Store without my computerized appendage, I thought about how we as adults need some time to disconnect. I thought about the end of my first year as a principal and the overwhelming desire to take a vacation. During that two weeks, I not only stayed away from the office, I disconnected my email from my phone.

So, take that time for yourself to disconnect (after you finish this blog of course) and get rested up. Let your body and mind be out for repairs for a bit and you’ll come back stronger!

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