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They Aren’t Ready…YET

We boarded the plane in a very efficient manner and somehow we’d fully boarded 15 minutes prior to our scheduled departure. This NEVER happens – we were actually leaving the airport early and would be ahead of our planned arrival. We landed even earlier than our anticipated time – this was an amazing blessing for someone who travels a lot for a living. I was really pumped up to get to the hotel,  check in, and get to the conference and begin networking. And then it happened…somehow the airport didn’t have a spot for us to park and exit the plane. After the captain informed us weary travelers that we would have to sit on the tarmac for roughly the next 30 minutes, a mix of disappointment, despair, and resignation filled the cabin. Unfortunately…they weren’t ready for us.

It’s quite possible that I look too deeply for meaning these days, but think this is a great metaphor for much of what we experience as human beings. As an entrepreneur, I’m learning that I’m not gifted with patience. In fact, I honestly stink at being patient. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the work I am doing with many schools and districts is of extreme value. Building positive culture and climate is paramount right now for leaders. That’s what I do… Bringing clarity of purpose, vision, and direction is critical for every leadership team to be successful. That’s what I do…but not everyone is buying. And that’s ok…they aren’t ready for me…yet.

I have read several posts in a few principal forums on Facebook in which the writers ask for advice on how to land their first principalship. Often they share how they’ve been through many interviews and even been a finalist but to no avail. At Road to Awesome, we signed an author a while back to publish their first book. The author had been rejected several times prior to our offering a publishing contract. It didn’t mean their book idea wasn’t good (in fact it is excellent), they just hadn’t found the right fit. If you are someone who has hit the roadblocks, been told no more often that you’d like to admit, remember this:

They just aren’t ready for you…YET

The time will come, the value and what you are bringing forward will become clear. They will be ready for you! And you will be ready for them – until that time, keep doing what you do, believe in who you are, and know that what you have is unique to you and you only. Michael Buble says it oh so well:

I might have to wait, I’ll never give up

I guess it’s half timing and the other half’s luck

Wherever you are whenever it’s right

You’ll come out of nowhere and into my life


Have a #RoadToAwesome week everyone!



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