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It’s worth it

It’s worth it…

The past 6 weeks or so have been among the most challenging of my career as an educator. I feel as though I have lost faith in some of what should be innate decencies in humanity.  It is not fair to lump all of humanity into a pile because of three or four people, but social media sure makes it easy sometimes.

That said, with so many ‘this is your top priority’ items on my plate, HR challenges, time crunches, and being buried in 2 feet of snow, I persevere.  This morning’s tweet was about being patient and persevering mainly because I felt that is what I needed to do.  With patience, I would be reminded why I do what I do.

Many hours later, as I finally have time to look at today’s mail in my office, I find a small envelope addressed to me.  Inside, a thank you card.  A parent, with whom I have worked closely to help get both of her sons graduated, sent me a thank you card.  She stated, “I know this is long overdue…I just want to thank you so much for helping my sons get through high school.” Both her sons have issue with depression and have each attempted at times to take their own lives.  Many nights were spent not at my home with my family but out searching for one of the boys, being at their home talking to one of the boys, and encouraging them, supporting them, and sometimes getting help for them.

Her note continues, “Thank you for being so dedicated to your job and helping my sons not only graduate, but stay alive.  Keep up the GREAT work!”

Through my watery eyes I say…IT’S WORTH IT

Yours in education,

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