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Understanding State Accountability pt.1

A lot has been made recently about test scores and graduation rate in both Sweetwater One and at Rock Springs High School.  It was suggested I put together pieces of the presentation made to the school board in October to clarify for any one who may have missed the meeting or had further questions.  For this post, the focus will be on the overview of the first page of the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act (WAEA) school performance report.

The opening page of this report has the overall score, the two categories that are used to develop this rating (Academic Performance and Overall Readiness), and the score for Participation Rate.  In the video below, I will walk through the first few pages outlining the indicators inside each category, share the target score for each, and explain both what a ‘lagging indicator’ is and how these indicators are calculated.  Hopefully this, and the following videos & blogs in the series, clarify for our community exactly what reality is in connection to these scores.

Have questions?  Feel free to call me at the high school (307-352-3440) or email me at

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