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I’m speaking in auto-correct…

Big shout-out to RSHS junior Taylor Kalivas…her statement (speaking in auto correct) inspired this blog so way to go Taylor

I am trying to focus recently on professional development articles I can share with staff, especially those connected to 21st Century learning and use of technology in the classroom, specifically student use of technology.  I hope staff appreciates the articles and are looking at them…

Here are a few links I have shared with my staff

This link is one for Foreign Language use of games in the classroom

This link focuses on how using Twitter can drive learning deeper and make it more meaningful

Here is one on Project Based Learning for math and science teachers

An article on what students want you to know about education

And the followup to the previous article comes with ideas from kids

And a final one – on how social media can be a power tool for educators

I have also been tweeting this articles, or retweeting as they come along…

for those who are not currently active on Twitter, I would highly recommend it – I read probably 25 articles a week on good instructional practice, and most are related to use of technology.  A tremendous number of the ideas shared above are simple, easy, and don’t require the reinvention of the wheel to pull them off in your classroom.

In reading Friedman’s The World is Flat and Bellanca’s 21st Century Skills: Rethinking How Students Learn, the thought that prevails for me is the need for student knowledge on appropriate use of technology, responsible time management when exposed to opportunities to be distracted by social media.  Collaboration has become an area of great focus in American education, especially with the work of Rick DuFour and his PLC focus.  We want students to work in a similar fashion but do not know how to get them there…TRUTH – get them there with electronic media, with project-based learning designs which require them to develop a quality project through interdependence.  (currently 8 members of the RSHS staff are working with the New Tech High School staff in Manor, TX developing the PBL model for RSHS and Sweetwater 1)

I know, I know, this is a lot of technology stuff and we have to learn to trust our kids to utilize the technology for good and not just for ‘bad’…but considering how our students are ‘hard-wired’ at this point with the ability to use technology, social media, and other forms of communication and with the focus of 21st century learning being on students ability to collaborate in a global economy – we have no choice but to take on these challenges and embrace technology.

To close my thoughts on this post, I will just restate what I opened with – I am speaking in auto-correct…will you join me???


**a big thank you to all those who developed the content to which I have embedded links (I did not write their work – they deserve the credit)

**another big thank you to all who have tweeted these articles (if I wasn’t the one who did) and for retweets as well

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  1. Great articles, Darrin. Thank you for sharing! Of course our students don’t see the power that technology can have in their learning as they don’t use it for those purposes. Their still has to be a balance with technology but it has such potential to really build that bridge to life-long learning that we forget in education. I think one of the interesting aspects of social networking is the role in plays in Personal Learning Networks or Professional Learning Networks. They If you have not explored these, check out:

  2. Thank you Darrin for sharing our article on Social Media and Schools as professinal learning communities to your readers. Developing networks using social media is a real time and powerful way to access professional learning from the best the world has to offer….I agree that students must also be taught how to access this treasure chest of knowledge.

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