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Into a brave (actually scary) new world

As I sit in an establishment in Minnesota (a state I had never visited until two days ago) I find myself creating a new blog…inspired by my new friends with Jostens’ Renaissance – specifically Dwight Carter (@DwightCarter) and Dr. Frank Rudnesky (@DrFrankRud).  I have been so very fortunate in the past 5+ years as an administrator in Sweetwater County and Rock Springs High School…I can hardly believe the unbelievable support, professional development, and inspiration I have received during this time…


Now here I sit, less than 5 years removed from my first Jostens’ Renaissance National Conference, the guest of Charley Nelson and the Jostens’ Renaissance group – and being a part of their advisory board…thank you all so very, very much – I really am honored, blessed, and amazed at the opportunities I have…


OK – on to the first REAL post of my new blog –

When I return to Rock Springs tomorrow morning (well actually to work on Monday) we will embark on an exciting new venture – some genuine work into the 9th grade transition program complete with new tools from Jostens’ Renaissance…we need to focus on the ability for students to be ‘digitally smart’ – and we will utilizing ‘Pause before you Post’…I cannot wait to have Angie Spann check this curriculum out and tie it into the work we already do…

Dr. Cristy McBee will be hosting with Angie Spann an Educational Tech conference in Rock Springs in late March of 2012 – I am very excited about this – and have even agreed to present, although I have no idea what I will be speaking to or about…

I also believe we have a unique opportunity to begin a genuine mentoring program – one that truly pairs our senior and junior leaders (not just the ones you think of but the quiet, hard-working, solid leaders).  My thinking here is this could be ground-breaking, earth-shattering, life-changing for the students and staff of Rock Springs High School.

Well – these were a lot of random thoughts, not even sure if I should share these – but why not?!?!?


again – thanks to those who inspire me – my wife, my daughter, my colleagues…


yours in education


Darrin M Peppard


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  1. Brandy Nutt

    Am I the first to reply? Well, I love Renaissance. It has made a difference. Yeah, there are definitely times I need to “think before I post”, so I’m sure students can benefit. Ok, now for my thoughts on technology. It is like I’m in a running race against a train, trying to get to infinity.

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