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The Journey of a Leader

When I completed my doctorate degree, I swore I would never write anything ever again. Boy was I wrong. It wasn’t 6 months later and I had started the very early work on my first book, Road to Awesome. There were many start and stop versions and I worked through the process, but ultimately the book was completed in early 2020 and published in July of 2020. I’m so proud of the book, it has been successful and is a part of why I was able to transition out of day to day public education and into the consulting and speaking world.

But now, I have some exciting news to share!! I teased this last week at the bottom of the blog, but I recently decided to update the book and re-release it. This updated, second edition of the book will be out later this month. Let me share some of the big changes and what you can expect from this version of the book.

In the first edition of the book, I focused on 6 things I felt most important in school leadership. This edition still has 6 key areas, but with two new focuses. This is a big part of the new content in the book.

  • Instructional leadership – It is so important for school leaders to be an integral part of the instructional program. Leaders should be focused on their presence in the classroom, increasing student engagement, and leading for positive student outcomes.
  • Being the Champion – In a time when teacher turnover is very high and leaders are faced with outside pressures on their schools, being the champion is the key. Leaders need to focus on building the culture, telling the story, mentoring and coaching everyone to greatness, and defending all from outside threats and pressures.
  • Three core beliefs for all travelers on the Road to Awesome – you’ll have to get the book for this one, but all travelers on the Road to Awesome have three things in common. As a good friend of mine likes to say, it’s always ok to pick up hitchhikers on this road.

In the second edition, you’ll find a focus on clarity and intentionality. When leaders are super clear on what matters to them and the can lead from that place, amazing things can happen. The best leaders are those who know what matters, what they value, and then are very intentional about aligning their work to those values.

You’ll find a new look for the book, including a new cover, new subtitle, and lots of interior changes. You’re going to want this new version of Road to Awesome!!

I am so excited to share this with all of you, to continue my journey, and help you find the way on the Road to Awesome.

Stay tuned for updates on the release!!

Have a #RoadToAwesome week


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COMING SOON: Road to Awesome the 2nd Edition (the updated version of my best selling book will be releasing late January 2023!!)

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