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The Wall (pre-labor)

So I wrote on Monday that I am truly inspired to get after it here at RSHS to make a difference in the climate and culture of our school.  No, there isn’t anything wrong with our culture, but we are at a point where we have to become even more kid focused if we are to take the next step.  To that end, I was really inspired by the work of Phillip and Tara Campbell from Portland, TN (go @PHS_Renaissance) along with North Stafford HS in Virginia (@nicholstctom).  Since the previous post, I have gotten some pictures sent and encouragement from my friend Sara Cowey (@CoweySara), thanks Sara!!!

I promised some pictures of what the building looked like pre-painting.  The stuff that was on the walls, mostly old history documents and photos of long dead politicians, have been taken down so we have a truly blank canvas.


I have @BradleeWSkinner and two of our rock star students (Alex Soto and Kenzie Overy) planning out the look of the hallway. Our Student Council, led by Marianna Pizzatto, Hayden Searle, and Lexi Bedard will be painting a Make a Wish foundation mural, their big charity.

We use the hashtag #ProudToBeATiger, so the first kid to use that, Erikka Soto (@errrikkamarie98) will paint that above the trophy cases in the last picture of the above gallery.  We have lots of fun ideas, including following the example from North Stafford with the “Do you believe in me?” wall along with an anti bully and pause before you post wall (thanks Portland HS).

More to come…this is truly exciting and will make a difference in the climate of this school that kids, staffulty, and parents will quickly feel.


Inspire others,


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