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Concerns regarding December 21

Good morning, students and staff.  I want to take a little of your time today to share information regarding the rumors of potential acts of violence against students in Sweetwater County School District, and specifically Rock Springs High School.  I want you all to know that our SRO, Officer Frisbee, has followed up on every lead given to him, we have added extra police presence to assist in the investigation process, and have plans in place to do everything we can to keep all of you safe from harm.  We know that incidents like the one Friday in Newtown, CT are horrific and hit all of us deep down.  But the reality of our current situation is we have absolutely no credible threat that has come forward to this point.  Only rumor and Facebook postings about rumors have surfaced to this point.  As well, I want you to know we are fully aware of Friday December 21st being the end of the Mayan calendar.  We know the Mayan calendar has predicted the world will end on Friday.  This is a prediction and there is no factual, scientific or credible evidence to support this prediction.  Keep in mind there was a prediction last year that the world was going to end on May 21st, 2011 and again on October 21st, 2011…and of course neither happened.  We will get through this week together and all come back in January following our holiday break.


In light of all that is happening, and the fears that come along with it, we have decided to have a lock down drill, a practice run to make sure we are following and remembering our procedures.  This will happen today (Wednesday) at 9am.  When we tell you to go into lockdown, please close and lock your doors, turn off the lights, and get against the interior wall where you cannot be seen.  We will come around and check doors, then release everyone from the lockdown.  I anticipate no more than 10 minutes for the drill.  Please make sure to stay off your cell phones during the lockdown, as cell phones give off ambient light and can possibly be seen if a window is left uncovered.  Remember, this is ONLY A DRILL.


Again, along with my team, I am doing everything I can to ensure all your safety.  I know you feel uneasy and a bit nervous, and I do not blame you.  Events like those in Newtown, CT or Columbine, CO or Virginia Tech call into sharp relief that which we don’t want to think of, violence that occurs in our country and society.  But remember, you are surrounded by some of the best people in the world, Wyoming people.  I’m not saying it can’t happen, but with everyone being diligent and aware – and communicating with my administrative team and Officer Frisbee, we will make it through this coming Friday safe and sound.


Please know that I care about each and every one of you and will do my best for you…


Thank you – Darrin Peppard

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