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The Power of a Positive Greeting

I am an avid gym goer these days. I enjoy my morning workouts (mostly) and see familiar faces each time I am there. Earlier this week, upon my arrival, I scanned in my code and the person behind the counter said, “have a great workout Darrin.” As I walked away, after thanking him, I thought…huh, he just called me by my name. It kinda felt good. I really was greeted the right way and I think it helped to set me up for a great workout and a great day. Afterall, we all want to feel welcome and noticed.

I travel the same route every day on the way to my workout center. I pass two different elementary schools on the way and have become adept at avoiding the morning drop-off traffic. Today was no different. I was about 20 minutes past the drop-off time when I passed one of the schools.

As I drove toward the school, I noticed a young man and little girl waiting to cross at the crosswalk. I stopped, letting them cross the street to the school. A smile crossed my face seeing, probably, the little girl’s brother walking her to school, undoubtedly late for the start of school. I couldn’t help thinking as I drove away…

I hope they greet her the right way

Seriously, I hope they greet her, and everyone, the right way every day. Think about it, here is a young lady (probably in 2nd grade would be my guess) who is late to school. I am sure she knows she is late. How do they greet her at the front office? How does her teacher greet her? How do her friends greet her? Hopefully in a positive way that makes her feel welcomed and that sets her up for a great day at school.

We have that power – every single day – we have that power. We can greet people with a smile, use their name, and set them up for success. We could also be frustrated someone was late, again. We could get angry, we could take our grumblings out on others. We have that choice in every interaction we have with others.

I just really hope they greeted her the right way today


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