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It’s Done, Now it’s Time to Celebrate

Oh my…it is finally done. What has felt like forever is finally uploaded and now we wait. The book is finished folks! Time to celebrate!

Here is the new front cover to the book. We have titled it Road to Awesome: The Journey of a Leader. It is the 2nd edition of my first book, Road to Awesome: Empower, Lead, Change the Game.

And, now we wait. It will be available on Amazon very soon (anticipating Monday, February 6th) but you don’t have to wait!! You can pre-order the book today right here.

If you are a Road to Awesome subscriber, you’ll be seeing a special price and exclusive offer on autographed copies during the course of this weekend. Not a subscriber? Go to and subscribe now. The exclusive offer will expire on Sunday, February 5th at 9pm ET. Then, we are back to the regular price of $24.99

What’s new in this book? Why the 2nd edition? Check out the blog from a couple of weeks ago to learn more.

Have a #RoadToAwesome week


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