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Showing Gratitude: Four Awesome Ways to Say Thank You

We have reached that time of year when giving thanks moves toward the top of the mind. While it should always be there, and be a practice we follow, the holiday time of year makes expressing our gratitude for those around us a little more special. Here at Road to Awesome, we are so grateful for the incredible clients we work with, the amazing educators and supporters we have, and most of all, we are grateful for our family and friends. This week, our post is simple…a plethora of gratitude ideas for you and your staff.

  1. Thank your bus drivers and parents with Curbside Coffee and Donuts: this awesome idea has students and school leaders bringing coffee, tea, donuts, and other treats to parents and bus drivers as students are dropped off to begin the day. When we did this event our band director also wanted in as well, so we had the jazz ensemble playing out front as the school day began. Our bus drivers and parents loved it – so much so that our drivers took to Facebook to say thanks in return.
  2. So often, we throw a luncheon to say thanks. But the staff in the lunchroom nearly always gets left out. So, do this…the Cafeteria TakeoverPick a day that the menu is easy (like hot dogs or chicken nuggets). Let the food service director know in advance. Then send them to lunch somewhere in town. You and your team takeover the serving duties. Kids love it, and you get that opportunity to let the food service staff enjoy some time for themselves. (hint: go to the restaurant before them and leave your credit card so they don’t have to pay for anything)
  3. Grill and chill with your students at the Road to Awesome barbecueThis is a great PBIS-style recognition for all positive discipline referral winners. Each month, I did a barbecue or something in that realm to celebrate the great things our kids were doing. It’s fun, it’s different, and it is a great way to say thank you to your kids for doing the right things.
  4. We buy lots of trinkets and ‘swag’ for our staff. But the best way to say thank you is to simply give them a hand-written note. I did this with everything we gave away. People might lose the coffee tumbler or lapel pin, but they kept those notes!! (I still have one from my principal from 26 years ago).

During this holiday season, make sure you take the time to say thank you to those around you. Be creative, have some fun, and be certain people know how much you appreciate them for all they do and who they are. Enjoy your Thanksgiving week!

There will not be a blogpost released next week. Our normal release date and time are during the Thanksgiving holiday, and we intend to spend that time with family and friends.

Have a #RoadToAwesome week


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