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Just Go For It

I stood backstage, pacing…What exactly is it that I’ve gotten myself into? I had launched myself into this new career – had I really thought this through? Here I was, about to stand in front of hundreds of educators to deliver my first keynote address, was I really second-guessing my decision? No – not one bit!!! Why? Because I had adopted a Just Go For It attitude.

Imposter syndrome, that internal experience of believing you’re not as competent as others perceive you to be, can be quite paralyzing. It can stop us in our tracks and keep us from chasing something we really want to do. In my work coaching leaders, I find this quite often. It’s honestly quite common. Many of us fear being discovered as not the expert we’d like to think we are. Recently, I had a conversation with someone who was wanting to submit a proposal to speak at a conference. Their worries, which are quite normal, centered on both rejection and acceptance. What if they say no? Does that mean I’m not worthy or good enough? What if they say yes? Now I have to prepare my presentation and actually speak in front of an audience? What if nobody shows up to hear me? What if the room is packed?

You get it, right? We all have things that cause us to pause and be a little reluctant to put ourselves out there. I met someone just the other day who told the group we were in that he was an introvert. He shared that as an introvert he can and does interact freely with others. However, unlike the energy rush those interaction give me as an extrovert, it is exhausting and draining for him to do so. I asked him how he gets prepared for times when he will be in groups, he said…I just go for it.

If you’re thinking about putting yourself out there, submitting a proposal, applying for another job, starting a side-hustle. My advice is simple, just go for it. You’ll regret not taking a shot.

I stood backstage, pacing…but totally confident in what I was about to do. I put in my airpods, cranked up my music, and got my head ready to perform. It was time to JUST GO FOR IT!!

Have a #RoadToAwesome week


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