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My #OneWord for 2018

Ah, new year. How quickly it came upon us. As with the past several years, one of the trending topics on social media is #OneWord for 2018. I realize we are a few days into 2018, but it has taken a few days for me to really figure this one out. Many different words can be shared, be they motivational, focused, or global in their reach. For me, it is important to make my one word for this year something that impacts those around me, my own work, and my family life. To that end, my #OneWord2018 is leadership.

Yes, leadership. Odd choice perhaps but I want to really work hard in 2018 to make leadership a primary word in my life.

  • Those around me: I have an amazing opportunity in my current district and role as superintendent. I am working to grow leadership in West Grand. By this, I mean I am mentoring and growing all our district leaders (directors and principals). As well, I am working with my board to complete our planning and vision work. One area we wish to see grow is leadership. Leadership beyond just directors and principals. Leadership development in our district from teachers leading in their classrooms and amongst their peers to students leading in their community and within our schools. Leadership truly matters and putting a focus on leadership and striving to support leadership development within the district is critical.
  • My own work: This connects to what I shared above. The work I do on a daily basis must be focused on growing leadership but must also keep my own ability to lead at the forefront. Leading by example and through clarity of purpose is something I want to not lose sight of this year. I know that leading as an instructional leader and as a strategic leader is so very important to get West Grand to where we want it to be (Culture of Excellence).
  • My family life: This year is challenging for many reasons. Our daughter will graduate in five months, my wife will move to join me in Colorado in 6 months, and I am still learning and adapting to a new career. Leading as a father and as a husband is so important for my family to continue to thrive in this ‘new normal’ for us. But, leadership will mean a little something else this year in my family life and in my professional life. I am working on writing a book about leadership and want to continue to keep it in the forefront and have completion of the book during 2018 as a goal of mine. (ok its out there now, no taking it back, write the book!!)

Ok, so my #OneWord2018 is leadership, and I think it is a word that, if kept in focus, will serve both me and those who count on me during 2018.


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  1. Sarah Brady

    Pep! Super excited to read anything you write on leadership. Keep up the amazing work and have a great 2018.

    • darrinpeppard

      thanks Sarah…so awesome to hear from you! Happy New Year

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