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Leadership Must Do’s for 2018

So you want to be a great leader? Need to re-energize your leadership work? It’s not as simple as just wanting to be something, you have to work at it, be focused on what you want to become. In leadership, as in many walks of life, there are some tried and true steps all leaders can take to boost their leadership IQ.

  1. Invest in relationships – great leaders know the most important work they do is to build relationships with those around them. Spend time getting to know the people with whom you work. Understand what makes them tick, about their family life, about them as a person away from the office.
  2. Be intentional – each and every step you take as a leader should be intentional. Do not confuse this with each step being calculated. There is a subtle difference but and important one. Intentionality is going about your daily business with goals, steps, and outcomes in mind. It’s working with understanding that you must remained focused to ensure your team achieves its maximum potential.
  3. Be honest – duh, right?!? Not so fast…we have all worked with that person who couldn’t hold to this ‘must do’. There may not be anything more frustrating that working for or with a ‘leader’ who is not honest. Your team will appreciate you so much more if you are just straight with them. One of the things that often holds back organizations is the inability to confront or embrace the truth. Be honest with yourself and with those around you.
  4. Listen – this is so very important. Everyone just wants to be heard. Want your team to know they are truly valued? You can recognize them, honor them publicly, and give them holiday bonuses. But, if you really want them to feel important, listen. When you listen, make sure you are listening to understand, not just listening to respond.
  5. Be self-aware – as the leader, they are all watching. Always! Be aware of your surroundings, be appropriate, and be mindful of what you say and do.

Simple tips, perhaps. But if you are looking to up your leadership game, they are quite important. Got other ideas for leadership ‘must do’ steps for 2018? Hit me up on Twitter @DarrinPeppard.


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