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One of those days

We all have those days, days we think will never end or that were just awful.  In administration we sometimes see or hear things that make our stomach drop or our eyes fill with tears.  But we all have those days…you know, the days that make it all worthwhile.

Some days are tough…

  • its 5 degrees for a high temperature today
  • my teachers are feeling the pressure of finals next week
  • my students are feeling the pressure of finals next week

Some days I struggle…

  • I have worked with this kid for weeks to get them on top of their work, to be here and be on time – then a fight with her dad changes all of it
  • he should graduate, and graduate on time, but his dad thinks he ‘needs discipline’ so he will send him to military school and teach him right

Some days I just wonder why…

  • if all parents really are trying their hardest, why won’t they come to us when we offer help
  • all adults don’t behave like adults – amazing to me that some behave like their students, or worse
  • the Diet Coke seems to run out in my refrigerator when I need it the most

Some days I know…

  • we do everything we can to make our kids successful in life
  • its so obvious that my staff loves and cares for our kids
  • its going to be ok

Some days I smile, cry, laugh, and ponder…

  • my kids make me laugh with their honesty, wonder, and pure joy
  • my teachers make me think, every day, about decisions we make and how they impact kids
  • my team makes me smile as I see them work with teachers and kids toward a common goal
  • if you know me, everyone makes me cry – with joy, pride, sometimes a tragedy, but a continued bond that holds us together

Every day I am certain…

  • we are the safest place for many kids – they need us to love them, be proud of them, talk to them, and be there for them
  • regardless our feelings or where our minds might be, we will fight for every kid – especially those who have nobody else fighting for them
  • I love what I do and the opportunities I have to make a difference in the lives of kids

We all have those days, the ones that make it all worthwhile.  If you keep perspective on it all, try to, after the day settles, remember that you make a difference every day in the life of a kid (even if it is ONE kid it MATTERS).  We all have those days – make all those days one in which you make that positive impact on a kid’s life.

You all do it, don’t lose sight of it




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