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Kids learning from kids

While this will be a bit of a short post, I am inspired by what I am seeing today in Darcy Bath and Wendy Bider’s co-taught Freshman Health class.  Topic – impact of drug use and abuse on the body.  The teacher – Health Occupation Career Academy junior students.


Mrs. Darcy Bath and Mrs. Mackenzie Faris teach the junior year Health Occupations course, coupled with their Government class (Mr. Rick Mitchelson) – allowing for job shadowing to take place once per week.  However, they are also currently working on a project to demonstrate the impacts that drug use and abuse has on the human body.  The photo above, you see three Health Academy students presenting their body layer models (each layer shows different impacts that drugs have on the body.

IMG_0661 IMG_0664

Truly no better way for students to learn material than to have to teach it to someone else.  Likewise, what better way for our younger students to learn than to have our older students come into their class and share their knowledge.


Again, let’s talk about skills – the skills demonstrated here (and taught by teachers to kids) are presentation skills, life long healthy choices, decision making, critical thinking, and collaborative work.  Having watched our career academy students over the past several years, one of the things that always stands out about them is their ability to present to an audience.  This is not a coincidence, they practice, they are taught, they are critiqued, and they grow their skills over time.  Its not done once and we ‘move on’, rather it becomes just what they do.  Truly awesome skill building!!!

I’m really proud of these kids and of their teachers!!! Great work all

As always, I’m #ProudToBeATiger



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