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Wall – post labor

In late July, I wrote a post focused on making some changes.  Two specific blog posts http://darrinpeppard.edublogs.org/2015/07/22/the-wall-pre-labor/ http://darrinpeppard.edublogs.org/2015/07/20/injecting-life-into-your-school-climate/ were written with the thought in mind that it was time to give our building a much needed facelift. Schools should be… Continue Reading →

Schools of the future (or of the now)

We are fortunate in Wyoming, as we, unlike other states, don’t have to bond for the building of new school facilities.  Our state is quite wealthy when it comes to natural resources with coal lease agreements paying for school facilities… Continue Reading →

The Wall (pre-labor)

So I wrote on Monday that I am truly inspired to get after it here at RSHS to make a difference in the climate and culture of our school.  No, there isn’t anything wrong with our culture, but we are… Continue Reading →

Injecting life into your school climate

This time of year we all, as administrators, want to have the best possible welcome back we can for our staff and our students.  There is no magic formula for this and you can’t always predict success.  You can, however,… Continue Reading →

What do you expect?

I have been thinking a lot lately about expectations.  Specifically related to myself as an administrator, for my teachers, and my coaches.  Often times we talk about having ‘high expectations’, but what does that really mean?  In this post I… Continue Reading →


This past Friday, we embarked on a journey as a staff to learn from each other.  We held our first EdCamp-style professional development, and while some things will need to be modified, it was truly a success. The Set Up… Continue Reading →

The Professional Educator

Monday marks the kickoff of American Education Week.  This is a week designed to shine the spotlight on the work of students, teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, custodians, cafeteria workers, and parents as it relates to teaching and learning.  It is a… Continue Reading →

Create, Apply, Synthesize

Create, Apply, Synthesize – what do these three words have in common?  If you guessed they are all Level 4 verbs on the Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK) chart, you guessed correctly.  Each of these are verbs that require students… Continue Reading →

Jostens Renaissance – the air we breathe

For the sixth time in my career I find myself at the Jostens Renaissance national conference. This year we are in sunny Scottsdale, AZ and have already heard from some amazing people who share the same passions that I do;… Continue Reading →

Thoughts on ‘Test Better, Teach Better’ Chapter 5: An Introduction to Test Building

Ok, so Popham gives us in this chapter the beginnings to building our own test items.  But he does so with a few, actually five, caveats.  This is a fairly short chapter, easily read, and quick with information.  I have… Continue Reading →

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